Postcards from Vegas

Vegas – the city of party people, the city of dreams, the city of spice and dice, the city to be naughty and nice. There’s something here for everyone.

I recently visited Las Vegas with a friend of mine and we explored the Instagrammable or the photo ops side of Vegas. While there are so many shots worth exploring or capturing, in this blog I’m going to share my favorite shots and quick tips and tricks to get those.

So get ready adjust your shutter speed, camera settings and follow the ride.

1. Standing Tall and Beautiful

One of the most amazing and prominent structures on the Las Vegas strip is the Eiffel tower located in the Paris Hotels and Casinos.

The Eiffel Tower here is half as tall as the real one, but still so magnificent. A picture in front of the Eiffel Tower is a must have on any Vegas Vacation.

While it’s visible from a lot of locations on the strip, my favorite spot is across the road on the walkway to the Bellagio hotel. From here you can capture a clean shot of the Eiffel Tower.

Depending on what time of the day it is, you may be able to capture the Bellagio fountains in the background as well.

Eiffel Tower is also an observatory and is the highest viewpoint of the Las Vegas strip.

Not adding to this list the top of the Eiffel Tower photo op, chances are, you have it already covered, if you have visited Vegas in the past, if not it’s definitely a spot to add your list

2. With Love from Paris

Moving inside the Paris Hotel and Casinos,  I love their cobblestone pathways and the Paris street scene, but something different  my friend and I came across this  time was this prettiest floral back drop, it was so gorgeous and had us hooked, the result was a whole camera strip full of pictures!

Quick tip- The wall is located at a corner, and it might be helpful to ask the hotel staff to guide you.

Another photo op at the Paris Hotel is the replica of the historical French landmark Arc de Triomphe

3. When in Rome – you gotta visit the Trevi fountain

I have but dreams about visiting Rome, but when I do, Trevi fountain is definitely on my bucket list.

Vegas is a city where dreams come true, quite fitting if you ask me for I got a glimpse of the fountain here.

The Trevi fountain is located in front of the Forum shops at the Caesars Palace. It’s so close to the real one and gives an idea how magnificent the original one must be.

Where this place really scores a point is that it is mostly deserted and often overlooked so it’s easy to get a picture!

4. Take me to Venice

Getting across the road, and walking a bit ahead lands you in the Venetian resort. It’s perhaps one of the most fascinating and luxurious resort of them all and is very popular for its renaissance architecture, intricate art work, hand painted frescos, the blue faux sky and of course the Gondola rides.

Fun fact ->  Did you know that 250 gallons of acrylic paint to was used to create the 105,000-square-foot faux sky inside of the Venetian? That’s impressive!

The ever so popular Gondola rides are available both inside and outside, and that’s where we fund our next amazing photo op.

The location of outside Gondola ride, is so mesmerizing and you cannot go wrong with any kind of shot here.

Quick tip: Just wait for a moment or two to get a gondola in the background for that perfect shot !

My favorite shots inside Venetian are the the  grand gallery, the centerpiece of the Grand Canal Shoppes entrance hall ceiling,  St. Mark’s Square at the Grand Canals Shoppes, The Armillary Sphere and if like me you are a Mexican foodie then the restaurant Canonita has great photo ops too!

5. It all started here!

So apt for the Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas.  Fremont Street was where Las Vegas had its  first hotel, first telephone  first paved street, first Nevada gaming license, first traffic light, and even the first elevator!

The Fremont street has been the backdrop for countless TV shows and movies.

Named after the explorer John Charles Fremont, the street takes the downtown Vegas with a rage.

A lot of that has to be credited to the Fremont Street experience that hosts the the world’s largest and most spectacular light show on the underside of a canopy.

The place captures Vegas in spirit and the whole street  is a must do photo op when in Vegas!

6. Out of the Ordinary

When you want to take it down a notch, need to get away from the neon signs into something more natural and peaceful- you should head to the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

The gardeners and talented designers at Bellagio, transform this place every season into one of a kind displays and sights.

Honestly I didn’t know such a place existed inside of Bellagio. We visited in December and it had us in awe for  it’s unique Christmas displays. 

It featured imaginary world of  Queen Bellissima,  her carriage, castle and her elves preparing for the holiday season. The Coca cola Polar Bears were a lovely addition to the theme as well.

While there are countless photo ops here at the Conservatory, the place gets really crowded as it’s FREE to public and is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

7. A splash of Color.

They say Art is Life – so true especially when it’s Life sized!

Seven Magic Mountains has been on my travel bucket list for so long and is a photo op like no other.

I have been looking at the Instagram pictures of the place and they looked so fabulous, but to look at this exhibit in person, was quite amazing.

Set in the middle of nowhere this outstanding form of art by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone forms a striking contrast to the Nevada desert.

The artist has called it as a “creative expression of human presence in the desert”. The art installation has 33 fluorescent colored lime stone boulders stacked into seven pillars about 30 to 35 feet tall. Located just 25 minutes away from the Las Vegas strip the place looks surreal.

The exhibit opened in 2016 and was originally scheduled for two years but due to it’s huge popularity, it has been extended until the end of 2021.

Be sure to visit it while it lasts.

These seven spots represent my most recent favorites in Las Vegas however you can always try the traditional ones like

  • The Bellagio fountains
  • The Las Vegas sign
  • The LINQ high roller
  • NY roller coaster
  • Luxor pyramid

And many more!

If you have visited Vegas, do share your favorite photo ops as well, in the comments below.

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