AZ Diaries – Lake Powell

Our day in Page, AZ had been really eventful, and visiting the famous Antelope Canyons and the Horseshoe Bend had been totally breathtaking but at the same time also exhausting. It was post lunch time and we decided to visit Stromboli’s to try some yummy pizza and we were not disappointed!

After all that deliciousness, we took some much needed caffeine from Starbucks inside the Safeway store and then planned to explore Lake Powell, and shortlisted a few stops.

Glen Canyon Dam

The first one being the Carl Hayden Visitor Center at the Glen Canyon Dam. Unfortunately it was closed, sigh!  There are tours of the  Glen Canyon dam offered by the Glen Canyon Natural History Association for $5  from the visitor center. Be sure to check the National Park Service website for visiting hours.

We stopped to look at the dam from the overlook and then headed to our next destination

Wahweap Overlook

Second on my list was the Wahweap overlook with its breathtaking views of the Lake Powell.

The overlook is not as popular as the Horseshoe Bend or the Antelope Canyons and thus it is not very crowded and yet it offers a perfect spot to look at the stunning Lake Powell.

The overlook is free and is about 4 miles distance from the visitor center. The viewpoint is on a hill and offers gorgeous panoramic views of the Lake Powell. You can see the Glen Canyon dam, the lake, the power plant close to the Antelope Canyon and the Wahweap Marina.

The blue waters of the Lake Powell, paint a beautiful contrast to the desert landscape, and reflect some incredible mirror images of the red sandstone mountains.

Did you know?

  • Lake Powell is the second largest man-made lake in the US and is named after the explorer and American Civil War veteran John Wesley Powell
  • Lake Powell was created in 1963 by the flooding of the Glen Canyon by the Glen Canyon Dam
  • Lake Powell now is a part of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Wahweap overlook is like a  ‘peace and quiet’ kind of place and is a perfect spot for picnics and for catching a serene sunset.

There are no shops or restrooms here so you might want to keep that in mind before visiting.

Wahweap marina

There was a lot of time for sunset and standing at the overlook we could see the road to the Wahweap marina. We thought of checking it out. We drove back on US 89 towards the visitor center and took Left on the Wahweap Boulevard which that connects to the Lakeshore drive. There was a tollbooth but it was closed and so we drove right past it. We came across two more overlooks each of which offered gorgeous view of the lake. Once we reached the marina, we learnt that there is so much to do at the Glen Canyon recreation area.

The recreation area offers houseboating, kayaking, fishing, jet-skiing, hiking and boat tours to explore  a variety of landmarks including the famous Rainbow bridge (one of the worlds highest natural bridges).

I wish we had more time perhaps one more day to explore the Glen Canyon Recreation area. While we already knew about the Slot Canyons and the Horseshoe Bend, we did not anticipate this recreation area to offer so much, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Another destination added to our bucket list!

We couldn’t ask for more thrill in one day and were totally smitten by the many wonders in Page. We left in the evening for Phoenix with fond memories of our adventures and a sense of accomplishment!

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